ElevenPaths and Fortinet continue collaboration to provide managed security services to the industrial sector

Fortinet FortiGate VPN systems intrusion

Cybersecurity companies ElevenPaths and Fortinet announced the expansion of their collabortive efforts to provide managed security services to customers in the industrial sector. The collaboration is aimed at better serving the needs of operational technology, information technology and Internet of Things  environments.

“Many of our clients are undergoing digital transformations where OT and IoT technologies play a leading role,” Alberto Sempere, Director of Product and Marketing at ElevenPaths, said in a press release. “Although there are significant benefits to these technologies, they also introduce greater exposure to security risks that must be properly managed and addressed. Fortinet’s technology is an integral part of our cybersecurity offerings and strategy to ensure we’re addressing our customers’ new and growing security risks.”

ElevenPaths is the cybersecurity unit of Telefónica Tech, a telecommunications company.  Through this expanded partnership, ElevenPaths will combine Fortinet’s OT security solutions with Telefónica’s experienced security professionals to provide a new kind of managed security services for the industrial sector.

“Fortinet and ElevenPaths have a longstanding partnership, working together to help our customers secure their rapidly evolving digital innovations,” John Maddison, Executive Vice President of Products and CMO at Fortinet, said in the release. “We’re thrilled to further expand our collaboration to combine ElevenPaths security services with Fortinet’s broad, integrated and automated Security Fabric capabilities to provide advanced security to OT networks and critical infrastructures.”

Fortinet and ElevenPaths’ collaboration spans several years. In June 2016, ElevenPaths incorporated Fortinet’s Security Fabric platform into it’s managed security services. ElevenPaths also serves as an MSSP Expert Partner working together in Europe and Latin America to strengthen the security of mutual customers.

“The challenge of digitalization in the industrial sector is a reality in Latin America markets,”  Joao Horta, Vice President of Sales to Service Providers at Fortinet for Latin America and the Caribbean, said in the release. “Despite being a sector that is more resistant to change and evolving at a slower technological pace, the words savings, optimization, acceleration, and improvement are starting to be among the main concerns of OT and IT leaders. A partner, like ElevenPaths, that can reach the market, is key to supporting industrial sectors with Fortinet solutions to minimize cybersecurity risks, allowing organizations to take advantage of the visibility and added value delivered by new technologies to monitor and optimize real-time production processes, making them safer, simpler, more efficient and profitable.”

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