Advenica Ab

Advenica helps operators of critical infrastructure recognize vulnerabilities in current network or hardware components, and take strategic measures for higher information security. Advenica’s Data Diode ensures unidirectional information exchange, thereby blocking everything from the outside. Advenica offers infrastructure security related products as well as services. test


Services include:


Risk and security analysis: helps in surveying the current and future IT security needs of an organization. 


Customized solutions: Offers tailor-made application and service development. The company can either help the client create a boutique solution or teach them how to solve it in-house.


Advenica Academy: Advenica Academy provides the client’s staff with the right skills and knowledge to use its products and maximize the security investment.


Penetration testing: Advenica provides penetration testing of embedded systems, mobile applications, operating systems, windows applications, and networks.


Managed services include: 


Advenica also provides managed security services to its clients.

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